The Idea:

A Chennai-based theatre group committed to theatre education and development for children and young adults between the ages of 8 and 25.

The rise in the Chennai theatre space has been rapid, and they have become one of the dominant forces spearheading change and increased participation in the theatre community. They currently works with over 40 schools and 20 universities through its Theatre Education Wing, and it has staged over 750 performances in the last 8 years

The Challenge Faced:

  • Engagement during rehearsals: The traditional scripts were not helping attain the required level of concentration between the children during rehearsals.
  • Performer Satisfaction: The parents of the children felt dissatisfied, as they noticed a lapse of connect between the script and the children at times.
  • Rehearsal Effectiveness: The script writers felt the paper scripts were not helping the children bring out the required coordination, timing and expressions needed.
  • Performer Feedback: Most of the parents and children expressed feedback that interaction based scripts could help improve performance

Jouve India-The Differentiator!

What was required was a solution which could leave a considerable impact and reach the minds of their performers, close-kin and audience.

What was also required was an experienced content service provider whom they could trust and aid them in the best possible manner.

Jouve India has helped design an interactive audio-enabled play script that could be played on a proprietary app and recording the dialogues of each of the characters in a script.

Evoking a new trend!

Spotting a huge dearth of multi-format books (illustrated, audio enabled, play scripts performable books) and considering the base of teaching performing arts in schools. This was now something that could be used to encourage children and make sure they get their hands on for better learning and fun experience.

The Top Benefits:

  • Interactivity had increased among the young performers who had told their friends about what fun they were having.
  • Ease of access had increased & the cost had been heavily reduced as there is no turning of pages or flying sheets of paper everywhere.
  • Customization of the script has become much easier.

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