Content Development

Creating content that truly engages with people.
In a marketplace where everyone is fighting for attention, it can be challenging to break through with compelling content that resonates with audiences. Publishers have realized that they’re not just competing with other publishers anymore, but also with organizations that specialize in other forms of media, like audio and video, as well.
Our content development team consistently delivers content that doesn’t just stand out, but also blazes ahead in front of everyone else. If you’re looking to enter a new subject category or to update your flagship textbook series, we have a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who can deliver quality academic and educational content for you. And what's more, our artists and designers are wizards at Adobe Creative Suite. Don’t be surprised if your content ends up having a touch of magic to it.

Core Services

  • Educational course materials created by Subject Matter Experts.
  • Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Audio Content Services
  • Video Content Services
  • Content Mapping
  • Assessment Design
  • Map Creation

Meet our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Pick a subject from A to Z, and chances are we'll have a qualified expert in the field. Our SMEs carry post-graduate degrees from accredited institutions across India. They stay updated with the latest developments in their field, and expand their knowledge base daily. They can help you with content development, and they can also serve as knowledge support for your students. Our SME team is 100+ strong and growing every day!

Make sure your content is the first choice for audiences around the world.