Project Management

Always keeping your projects on time and within budget.
You can have the best content, editorial, and production teams working on your title, but it doesn't matter if you don't receive a print-ready copy on schedule. Your release strategy depends on getting your finished titles on time, and any delays can seriously hamper your title's success.
Our project management team uses a combination of automation tools and human expertise to deliver your titles on schedule. Our proprietary project management software has been optimized to manage workflows for the publishing market, which gives us an edge over other vendors who rely on outdated tools like spreadsheets to get the job done. We manage your projects so you don't have to.

Core Services

  • Author/Publisher Relationship Management
  • Editorial Services Management
  • Supplier Coordination
  • Budget Tracking
  • Schedule Tracking
  • Permissions Tracking
  • Length Management
  • Issue Identification + Corrective Measures
  • End-of-Project Reports
TexFlow is our proprietary workflow management software, developed specifically for managing publishing services projects. TexFlow unites our employees, suppliers, and managers in one place so that everyone has clarity on the status of each project and their tasks in that project's schedule. TexFlow leverages our deep domain expertise in the publishing solutions space and employs a robust set of machine learning and AI features to set benchmarks for our schedule fidelity and quality.

Say goodbye to delays, today.

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