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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, you need to make sure your content doesn't get left behind. New file formats and technical standards emerge all the time, and older systems are slower and have more vulnerabilities. It isn't enough to keep your content relevant if the technology that supports it is outdated.
That's where we come in. Our technology solutions are built with publishers in mind, and cover the entire range of requirements around content production, validation, and distribution. Our engineers are skilled in current and emerging best-in-class solutions to ensure that your content is secure, loads fast, and is of the highest quality. And since no one size fits all, we customize every solution for our clients. Once you partner with us, you just won't need anyone else.

Industries We Serve

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Publisher-focused Solutions

Content Transformation/Validation Platform Solutions

Publishers understand the importance of content transformation and validation, but most of them are daunted by the effort required to execute each transformation or validation initiative.


We create platform solutions that automate your content transformation processes, reducing weeks worth of work into mere days.

Integrated Workflow Management Solutions

Publishers are always looking to engage in new opportunities to keep pace with changing requirements. But they often don’t have scalable workflows to help them get the job done.


Our integrated workflow management solutions take the workflow design and execution pressure off your shoulders so that you can focus on expanding new opportunities without missing a beat. We develop customized platform-based solutions for production workflows, and ensure that your business rules are built into the system. 


We believe that when you work more efficiently, you can deliver higher quality experiences to your customers.

Process/Workflow Re-Engineering Services

While custom workflow management solutions are required in some cases, workflow re-engineering may be sufficient in others. Our engineering team applies similar design principles to evaluating the strength of your existing workflows and processes, with a focus on improving on-time delivery, productivity, and quality.

Optimized Content Distribution

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) publishing has become a standard distribution practice for publishers worldwide in the last five years. But setting up a DTC publishing platform and a consumer app to view content, can be tedious and a drain on resources. 


Jouve Digital Publishing (JDP) is a plug-and-play solution that makes it easy for publishers to set up a DTC distribution channel virtually overnight. JDP’s HTML5 format, linked to CSS3 and JavaScript standards, displays your rich and interactive publications at an optimal quality. JDP can also interface with any third-party editorial system application, subscription management solution, or merchant website. 

Other Solutions

LMS/CMS Customization + Management

Today’s Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Competency Management Systems (CMS) offer more management than actual learning. We customize LMS systems to put the student at the center of the learning experience. Each step in our process, from ideation to prototyping to delivery, is governed by our Learning Experience Design (LXD) framework, which is student-centric and brings together instructional design, educational pedagogy, design thinking, learning science and UX/UI best practices, to deliver a comprehensive learning experience that delivers permanent results.

Refactoring to New Technologies

Change is the rule and not the exception in software engineering. When new features are added to existing system designs, often in an ad hoc fashion to meet internal and external deadlines, it’s only a matter of time before maintenance is required for those systems to streamline them and make them more efficient. 


Refactoring is a critical software maintenance process that doesn’t require new software to be added on top of existing ones. It’s an important process for maintaining the design health and efficiency of your software systems. Think of it as remodeling your software architecture to ensure its long-term viability.

Custom Development

With its collective experience and diverse areas of focus, our engineering team is able to deliver custom software solutions to clients at affordable price points. Each custom solution adheres to current technical standards and best practices in the market, and is future-proofed to ensure its sustainability over time. 


Our custom development solutions include:

  1. Product Development
  2. Web Application Development
  3. Mobile App Development (Native, Hybrid and Web-based)

Migration, Updates & Maintenance

In an age where data insights are critical to shaping business strategy, data migration from legacy systems to new system frameworks is integral to retaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. But executing a migration on time and under budget can be extremely challenging, even for a business’ internal IT team. 


We’ve developed a bullet-proof strategy to executing migration projects for every legacy system currently in use. Our team can pinpoint potential risks to your data migration requirements, and can deliver stress-free migration without compromising your data or your existing business processes. 

Our Approach

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