Editorial Services

Polishing your content for the most discerning reader.
We know how frustrating poor editorial can be. One minute, you're completely absorbed in an author's world and their narration, and the next, a simple grammar error completely derails your flow. Or an obvious factual error annoys you and makes you question an author's credibility. Or you're vision-impaired and lose out on the visual information in a book because there is no alt-text available for you.
Our editorial team shares your frustration and is committed to putting an end to it. We ensure that grammar errors do not distract your readers and that all the facts cited by your authors hold up under close inspection. We also make sure that your content conforms to industry-wide accessibility standards so that all your audiences can enjoy your content, without losing out on any key information.

Core Services

  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Anglicization & Americanization
  • Indexing
  • Permissions/Fact Checking
  • Alt-text Writing & Metadata

Accessibility Made Easy

Publishers are committed to making their content more accessible for their audiences, but they’re often worried about the manual effort it can take to accomplish their goals towards accessibility.

Our Image Metadata Authoring Platform (iMAP) automates the content conversion process for publishers to meet industry-wide accessibility standards. It’s a web-based platform that enables alt text content development and management in three steps:

1. Upload your eBooks directly into iMAP. iMAP automatically pulls out photos requiring alt-text for you.
2. Write alt-text for each image. iMAP even includes context around each image to make it easier for reviewers to write alt-text.
3. Manage the approval process within iMAP through completion. You can keep track of changes, updates, and revisions to alt-text within iMAP
Once you're done, iMAP creates a downloadable EPUB file for you, and you're ready to publish!

Want your content to be accessible, accurate, and free of errors?

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