Evolution of Education

The purpose and methods of education have advanced over time. In recent years, chalkboards have updated to whiteboards and notebooks have been replaced by E-books. The digital learning model has indeed proven to be the most productive channel of education in both engagement and effectiveness.

How do schools connect budding learners?

Schools are looking at investing in a platform that offers interactive features to connect students, teachers and administrators in a educational ecosystem.

What are the challenges that schools still face using these online learning methods?
  • Secure storage and management of digital content
  • Prolonged attention spans
  • Seamless upload, access of learning material and assessments
  • Attendance and user-activity tracking
  • Generation of online reports

How do we solve this digital divide?

What are Blended learning platforms?

They are enhanced, viable and accessible platforms that combine learning with technology.

What do they do?
  • Accessible lessons and assessments to keep them interconnected with their subjects.
  • Innovative & flexible classes.
  • Day-to-day lessons updates and performance monitoring.
  • An environment that provides guidance, support & feedback for radical growth.
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