Production Services

Giving your titles the ultimate design makeover.
It isn't enough if your manuscript has the potential to be the next Man Booker winner or Textbook Excellence Award winner if it doesn't look the part. Bad design can turn audiences away from your titles quicker than poor editorial. Because people do judge books by their covers.
Our production team transforms your manuscripts into finished titles ready for print and electronic distribution. We typeset bestsellers across different publishing markets, and our designers handle every element of your title's design. Our 15+ years of experience in production means that we offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Core Services

  • Typesetting
  • Composition, page design & layout
  • eBooks (all formats)
  • Conversion services including PDF, XML, HTML5, ePub, Mobi and Nook
  • Color correction & image manipulation
  • Text, image, & audio/video permissions
  • Accessibility integration
  • Cover Design
  • Interior Layout Design
  • Web/App/Page Design
  • Infographic Design

Transform your manuscript with us today!