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Gone are the days when students were forced to learn, regardless of the content used to teach them. Today's students are discerning and hold their institutions to a high standard when it comes to their learning materials. Today's employees have similar expectations of their companies to provide quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resources.
We know exactly how to approach the changing needs of the education market - by placing the student at the center of everything we do. We employ the best practices of learning science and pedagogical research, UI/UX design, and print, web, mobile, and cloud-based technologies to deliver learning experiences that stay with students long after class is over.

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Meet Edubase
The Ultimate Cloud-Based Learning Platform

Say goodbye to print textbooks, say hello to Edubase!
Edubase enables students to replace dozens of textbooks with a single tablet to access their learning content. Here’s how:

1. Annotations, bookmarks and colored notes can be used to mark the content sections that matter to them the most.
2. Students can also add audio recordings, images, hyperlinks and PDF files in Edubase to unify all their learning materials around each subject.
3. Offline reading functionality allows students to take their Edubase with them wherever they want to go.

Need we say more? Welcome to the learning tool of the future.

Collaboration with Six Red Marbles

We're proud to collaborate with one of the biggest educational content companies in the world: Six Red Marbles.
Six Red Marbles is a Jouve Group company that provides full-service educational materials for the pre K-12, higher education, and adult learning markets.
Our close relationship with Six Red Marbles enables us to leverage their decades of experience in educational content development with our industry-leading editorial and production capabilities.

Let's create learners for life, together.

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