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Transforming manuscripts into books of all shapes and sizes.
Trade publishers have been beset by shrinking margins and increased competition in the trade marketplace for the last two decades. The only way to stay competitive as a trade publisher is to move production offshore, but what about quality and turnaround? Most offshore publishing services do not have robust quality control systems, nor do they have project management expertise to deliver projects on time, every time.
We've been in pre-press production for trade publishers since our founding, when we saw the state of the trade publishing market and imagined that there was a better way. 15 years and millions of pages later, we've been proven right by our loyal customers, our dedicated employees, and our excellent partners. We're here to help you publish faster, smarter, and better.

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Leading The Future of Pre-Press Production

Being a market leader isn't just about mastering the present, but also about leading the future. Our technical and R&D team is doing exactly that, with a variety of existing and upcoming solutions directed at simplifying publishing services to deliver even more benefits for our clients.
Our Image Metadata Authoring Platform (iMAP) automates the content conversion process for publishers to meet industry-wide accessibility standards. iMAP is extremely easy to use and only requires three simple steps to ensure that a publisher's title is accessible for all their audiences.
Our Offset Platform automates the conversion process for publishers to instantly deliver multiple editions of the same title. Publishers can upload any edition of their titles and choose a different edition for that same title. With Offset, you don't need to bear additional costs in generating new editions of your titles.

Our Trade Partners

We're proud to partner with Oriel Square and Reemers GmbH to provide publishing services to the UK and German publishing markets.
With our expertise in pre-press production and the editorial expertise of Oriel Square and Reemers GmbH, we are able to deliver the best end-to-end publishing services to UK and German publishers in the market. We hope to continue expanding our partnerships to reach publishers in more territories in the future!
Oriel Square is a publishing and strategy company focused on education in the UK market. They provide editorial services including commissioning, author management, specialist development editing as well as proofreading and copyediting. They also provide research, concept development and training to publishers and editors, as well as strategy and consultancy services.
Reemers Publishing Services GmbH has been a key player in the German market for more than 30 years and one of the leading German providers of publishing and media services.

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