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Publishing Services

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Publish with confidence and ease. Release new titles in weeks, not months. 

At Jouve India, we are revolutionizing content
with cutting edge technology.

Whether you're a trade publisher with a new hardback title, an education publisher looking to update a textbook series, or a business looking to create fresh digital training materials for your employees, we've got the solution for you.

Content Development

Content is king, whether you're in entertainment or in publishing. We know this, which is why we specialize in developing content that will keep your audiences engaged and get them coming back for more. We create deeply researched course materials, beautiful illustrations, maps you'll get lost in, and much more.
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Editorial Services

Have a manuscript that needs a professional review before heading into production? We'll review every sentence with our copyediting and proofreading services, obtain permissions for all your images, and make your content accessible to all your audiences.
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Production Services

Get your titles looking the best they can with our veteran production team. We'll polish and format your title's text with our typesetting services and design your title from cover to cover. After we're done, you'll get everything you need for a retail copy, except for that new book smell, of course.
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Project Management

We've shepherded over 50,000 titles to market, so we know a thing or two about project management. Our project management processes have been perfected over time, and cover the range of management requirements from author/editor relationship management to end-of-project reports, and everything in between.
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Technology Solutions

Our technology solutions keep you ahead of the competition, no matter what you're industry you're in. For publishers, we offer a range of solutions for content production, validation, and distribution. For other industries, we provide LMS/CMS customization, custom development, migration and refactoring solutions.
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Publish faster, smarter, and better with us.