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A Unique Blend Of Combining Technology With Learning!
Are schools finding it hard to manage their content online? Are teachers and students finding themselves lost in online classes?
Blended learning platforms are just the ideal solution!
So what are these blended learning platforms? What do they do?

They are technology enhanced, viable and accessible platforms which help budding learners with,
1. Accessible material to keep them interconnected with their subjects.

2. Innovative & Flexible classes.

3. Constant self-update of day to day lessons.

4. An environment that provides guidance, support & feedback for radical growth.


  • Simple & Secure infrastructure.
  • Easy upload & access of study material.
  • Preloaded teacher and student lesson plans.
  • Online user-time and attendance tracking.
  • Efficient virtual communication between Educator & Learner.
  • Cloud-hosted platform.
  • A unique login access for all users.
  • A simple library structure where all content & study material can be uploaded and accessed via a single location.
  • Automatic Bookmarking.
  • Language Preference features.
  • MIS Reports.


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