About Us

Jouve India, a part of the €150-million Jouve Group headquartered in France, is an end-to-end content solutions provider for the academic, custom publishing, education, trade, and travel segments. We provide the full range of services required to take a manuscript to a print or electronic product, including editorial, design, composition, art, and XML services. Located in Chennai, we are one of the key production sites for the Jouve Group as well as the sales hub for customers outside the United States and Europe. We are committed to one ideal, above all: “We succeed when our customers succeed.”



The Jouve India facility, located at the IT services hub of Chennai, spans over 20,000 square feet. The open-floor office space spread across a single floor makes management and control of production smooth and easy.

Our data center is backed up by a fully redundant APC Server UPS system. System administrators are available around the clock to ensure maximum uptime of network, WAN, and LAN resources.

The WAN infrastructure is comprised of a Cisco router and Firewall connected to our FTP server, application server, and messenger server. All the WAN servers are secured with SSL security, and all incoming and outgoing packets are encrypted. Data are backed up regularly and moved to an offsite location as part of the disaster recovery plan.

The LAN infrastructure is comprised of structured cabling connecting all floors to the core HP Gigabyte switches mounted on many racks. Production data are stored on an HP StorageWorks 600 All-in-One Storage System. HP’s new storage server solution is a recent innovation collaborated by HP and Jouve India. In the CXO Today portal, HP has released a case study based on our implementation of this new technology.

The LAN infrastructure is also comprised of an e-mail server, a primary and failover ADS server, an in-house Web server, and a gateway server. The data center is connected with VSNL-leased line using fiber-optic connectivity, which is in turn backed up by a redundant Airtel link. The data center has an efficient cooling system and is equipped with industrial server racks. Network monitoring tools with SNMP functions monitor the data center around the clock.

Work Culture

Jouve India strongly believes in freedom of expression, which helps create an open-door work culture where employees are free to air their views without fear of reprisal.

Our employees are expected to adhere to True to Type values. The atmosphere allows for inclusive growth and is friendly and outgoing. At the same time, continuous feedback is provided to employees to help them with their performance and iron out chinks in their armor, if any.

True to Type

True to Type is a set of core values that benchmark how Jouve India responds to customers, employees, and shareholders. Our True to Type values are:

We succeed when our customers succeed: We exist because of our customers. We proactively ensure that our actions are designed to make our customers successful.

Quality is in our DNA: When each of us produces the highest quality work that we can, it leads to a defect-free product, which in turn creates customer delight. At Jouve India, Quality is Job No. 1.

Strive for excellence: Our success depends on each employee performing to his or her highest potential. We value high-performing employees and recognize those who go above and beyond their job requirements.

Honesty and transparency: At all times, we display high standards of honesty, starting with Doing What We Say and Saying What We Do. We are transparent in the way we communicate with each other and with our customers.

Learning and growth: When we engage in a process of learning from and teaching each other and our customers, we produce the most innovative ideas and work products. This breaks down the organizational boundaries and hierarchies between those who teach and those who learn.

Teamwork: Only teams can get big things done. We believe in the power of teams and collaboration. Teamwork means that we are committed to the success of our colleagues and will do everything in our control to ensure their success.

Value Proposition

Innovation: Jouve India’s innovative approach to focusing on deliverables extends to both the delivery models utilized and technology. We understand that every book and product is unique with specific requirements, and the right delivery model drawn from the skilled knowledge pool across the various centers of operation is chosen. Focus on publishing technology is seen with expertise in enhancing XML-First workflows for InDesign and Quark platforms. This takes into account various strategic initiatives needed by publishers including electronic utilization of content, effective recycling of content, and automated publishing technologies.

Process: Texflow, Jouve India’s leading-edge, Web-based enterprise resource planning software, integrates all aspects of the production cycle and workflow participants including customers and suppliers.


Texflow is a publishing services supply chain application. It is a Web-based workflow system that integrates customers, suppliers, and employees. Customers can access the system to place orders, provide information, and review statuses of projects. Texflow enables us to set a benchmark for schedule fidelity and quality. It is also intended to replace long threads of uncoordinated email communication with a centralized repository of project information.